Millions of Android Users Compromised by Malware-infected Apps

If you’re an Android user, it’s time to pay attention. A new wave of malware-infected apps has been discovered, and this time the numbers are staggering. Over two million Android users have downloaded apps containing malware, meaning their devices have been compromised. This could lead to a variety of problems for the victims, including having their traffic routed through the infected device, being bombarded with ads, or even losing data.

Dr.Web’s anti-virus products for Android detected that apps displaying unwanted ads were still common threats in October, though less active than in September.

Banking trojans and apps that invade users’ privacy were noticeably active this year. For example, Android device users again encountered the Android.Spy.4498 trojan and its various modifications. This malicious program hijacks the contents of other apps’ notifications, which frequently leads to data leaks of confidential information.

So far only 1,000 downloads of one of the infected apps have been reported, but that number is sure to grow as more people become aware of the problem. It’s important for Android users to be extra cautious when downloading apps, ensuring that they only download from reputable sources and regularly updating their device’s software.

The recent outbreak of malware on the Google Play Store serves as a reminder to Android users to stay vigilant and double-check their app downloads.

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