Hertz Car Rental Reaches $168 Million Settlement in Wrongful Arrest Cases

Hertz car rental company has reached a $168 million settlement in response to hundreds of false arrests due to accusations of stolen rental cars. The cases originated from claimants who said they were wrongfully arrested since Hertz falsely claimed their rental vehicles had been stolen.

The resolution of this ongoing saga was delayed for a long time, as the company filed for bankruptcy protection in 2020. Despite the setback, a new general counsel for Hertz, Colleen Batcheler, came into her role and quickly worked to settle numerous cases. This summer, a federal judge made an additional ruling that allowed nearly 100 more claims to go forward in court.

The settlement is likely to be seen as a victory for those who were wrongfully arrested, although it does not undo the years of mistreatment they suffered from Hertz. The case serves as a reminder to all companies that it’s important to treat customers fairly and with respect — or else face significant financial penalties. For its part, Hertz has apologized and is working to improve its customer service policies going forward.

In the end, a $168 million settlement is a reminder of the importance of fairness and justice in business. Companies should strive to treat their customers ethically or face the consequences. Hertz’s costly mistake highlights this issue and could serve as an example for other companies going forward.

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