The Thirstiest Woman on the Internet: 81-Year-Old Martha Stewart

The internet has been thirsting for Martha Stewart lately, and she’s been more than happy to oblige. The 81-year-old ex-con and home influencer have been trending on Twitter, not for a new line of home goods or a new cookbook, but for a passionate advertisement, she made weeks ago for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.

In the video, it appears that she is completely nude in the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters apron. She alludes to herself being “a thing of natural beauty.” I don’t want to wade into the crazy waters of whether or not Martha Stewart had plastic surgery, but I do have to say that the ad was pretty funny. It’s clear that Stewart has been playing along with the internet’s jokes about her for years, and we’ve been eating it up! So in a way, she’s just giving us what we want. How nice of her!

In one video, Martha dons a beautiful white silk robe with fur cuffs – a style known for being worn by those who have just killed their rich husbands. The Green Mountain Coffee Roasters apron isn’t the only thing she’s wearing, though; Stewart is also rocking a pair of high heels. And really, what could get the internet more excited than a good ol’ fashioned thirst trap?

So if you’re feeling parched, make sure to head on over to Martha Stewart’s Twitter and give her a follow. You won’t regret it.

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