33 Best True Crime Podcasts To Listen Tonight

33 Best True Crime Podcasts To Listen Tonight

Looking for the best true crime podcasts to listen to tonight? Look no further – we’ve got 33 of the best ones right here. Whether you’re interested in unsolved murders, missing persons cases, or true crime stories that will send chills down your spine, there’s something for everyone on this list.

These podcasts will keep you entertained and horrified all at the same time! So sit back, relax, and prepare to have your mind blown by some of the most twisted crimes out there.

True Crime Podcasts

There’s nothing more captivating than a good true crime story. Whether it’s the mystery of who committed the crime or the suspense of waiting for the verdict, true crime stories always keep us on our toes. And with podcasts, we can listen to these stories anywhere!

Best True Crime Podcasts To Listen Now

There are so many great true crime podcasts out there, it’s hard to know where to start. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are the 33 best true crime podcasts you need to listen to right now:

1 Suspect

When one of the hosts, Aparna Jinaga, is murdered during a Halloween haunted house party, things go horribly wrong. But when one of the visitors is wrongly imprisoned and sentenced to prison owing to faulty evidence and racial prejudice, the web of damage only gets thicker. Returning to the case after ten years, Suspect offers an unusual perspective on forensic science, the criminal justice system and race relations in America. Listen on Spotify

2 Criminal

This program isn’t simply about crime, in the cold sense, as host Phoebe Judge puts it. It’s about a more complex issue—”stories of people who’ve done wrong, been wronged, or gotten caught in the middle.” And like several of the other podcasts on this list, it strives to reveal flaws in the United States criminal justice system. It’s eye-opening, heartbreaking and very well done. Listen on Spotify

33 Best True Crime Podcasts To Listen Tonight

3 Casefile

On the more serious side, Casefile is a true-crime podcast that approaches some of the most difficult-to-solve cases with care, conviction, and respect for the victims. It’s produced by an Australian man who’d want to remain nameless so he can “stay out of the story and let the facts speak for themselves.” While not as flashy or fast-paced as some of the other shows, if you want a podcast that will make you think long after it’s over, this one is for you. Listen on Spotify

4 Swindled

This podcast examines all types of criminality (including the Flint water crisis, fatalities caused by poisoned baby formula, and the con man who assisted the FBI in nabbing suspicious congressmen), as well as scams from con men and white-collar offenders. Listen on Spotify

5 Dark House

If you’re the kind of person who binge-watches true crime and Zillow listings, you’ll feel right at home with Dark House. House Beautiful editors Hadley Mendelsohn and Alyssa Fiorentino deconstruct the significance of what happens when a lovely home becomes the dwelling for some unsavory visitors in this psychological thriller podcast. Listen on Spotify

6 Crime Junkie

It’s difficult to discuss real crime podcasts without mentioning this immensely popular one. Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat, the hosts of True Crime Obsessed, explore a wide range of true crime cases that keep their millions of followers hooked. New episodes come out every Monday, so you can always have something new to listen to. Listen on Spotify

7 American Hostage

If you miss the days of radio dramas like War of the Worlds, this series about John Hamm as a radio broadcaster is for you. Hamm plays a radio reporter in American Hostage who uncovers an unexpected story lead when a hostage-taker demands to be interviewed live on air. Listen on Spotify

8 Believed

True crime doesn’t have to involve bloodshed. This powerful Michigan Radio program exposes how Larry Nassar, the US Olympic gymnastics doctor, was able to sexually abuse young women for decades before being exposed. It includes the voices of parents who unintentionally ignored what was going on and the survivors who avenged it themselves. Listed on Apple Podcasts

9 Missing in Alaska

This true crime podcast is based on nine years of study into the 1972 disappearance of two U.S. congressmen whose plane vanished in Alaska, led by investigative journalist Jon Walczak. Walczak discovers fresh evidence that was not previously revealed in this fascinating unsolved mystery. Listen on Apple Podcasts

10 The Lost Kids

The Southern California home of a missing boy is the site of an investigation that unearths the sordid and twisted world of a therapeutic boarding school for “troubled teens,” as well as their connections to one of America’s most dangerous cults. Listen on Spotify

11 Paper Ghosts

Paper Ghosts is a must listen if you’re looking for a serious true crime podcast that feels like reading a fantastic true crime book. M. William Phelps, the creator of this podcast, is the author of two previous volumes on the subject (the first detailing the long-cold disappearances of four Connecticut women and girls in the 1960s and ’70s, the other of a Missouri family who were brutally murdered by their teenage daughter and her boyfriend in 1992). Listen on Spotify

33 Best True Crime Podcasts To Listen Tonight

12 The Dropout

In this highly binge-able ABC News podcast, host Rebecca Jarvis dives into the meteoric rise and spectacular fall of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes. Jarvis’ investigation of the deception that built the Theranos empire, allowing Holmes to hoodwink scientists, investors, and customers with the promise of revolutionary medical technology before it all came crashing down is fascinating. Listen on Spotify

13 Scam Goddess

There will be no gruesome descriptions today, people! Take a break from all the murders and listen to Scam Goddess, a new form of true-crime podcast that explores some of the most hilarious financial misdeeds that individuals have perpetrated. Given all the scammer and grifter stuff (i.e. Inventing Anna) we’re seeing in the news lately, this podcast couldn’t be more timely. Listen on Spotify

14 The Murder in My Family

The Murder in My Family is a rare opportunity to hear firsthand from family members of murder victims. It adds another dimension to the people we sometimes overlook as individuals and shows how their loved ones have been affected by the tragedy. Knowing that the culprit is still at large and, in some cases, has yet to be caught, it’s particularly devastating. Listen on Spotify

15 Murder History Girls

Join Mikki Wilkerson and Brandi Samples as they combine two of their favorite hobbies: true crime and history. You’ll discover sick murders, unsolved mysteries, and some incredible characters in the realm of real crime. Listed on Spotify

16 Redhanded

From ghost stories to unsolved murders, Hannah and Suruthi are true-crime experts. From strange killings to cold cases, Hannah and Suruthi are authorities on everything creepy. You might get a fresh perspective on a major news event; alternatively, you may discover all the spooky details about a case you’re unfamiliar with. It’s also great for some lighthearted entertainment. Listen on Spotify

17 In The Dark

If you enjoy spending time with a story that you can truly sink your teeth into, give In the Dark a listen. Now is the time to catch up on seasons one and two, which focus on the abduction of a man in rural Minnesota and a man who was tried for the same crime six (yes, yes) times. Listen on Spotify

18 Bear Brook

In 1985, two murder victims were discovered in barrels in New Hampshire’s Bear Brook State Park. In 2000, another two were found in similar circumstances. In this highly addictive podcast, Jason Moon follows the tale of how a mystery Bear Brook murders investigation traveled across the country and would eventually lead to the identification of a murderer who had committed his crimes over decades. Listen on Spotify

19 My Favorite Murder

This may be the true-crime podcast that began the genre. The pod has produced a number of hits, including the Challenger disaster, Al Capone, Leo Frank, and the Corpsewood Manor murders. The hosts, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, keep things light while discussing some of the darkest stories imaginable. Listen on Spotify

20 Hollywood Crime Scene

Are you in the mood for true crime and celebrity news? Yes, please. Because there are stand-alone episodes and more comprehensive investigations on this pod, it’s ideal for any sort of commitment you’re looking for. There’s also a short episode called “Durst Trap,” which is easily the greatest title ever. Listen on Spotify

21 Morning Cup of Murder

If you want to catch up on true crime while drinking your morning coffee but don’t have the time (or patience) to listen (and wait) to figure out who did it, this podcast is for you. This podcast covers a murder case from beginning to conclusion in just 10 minutes each day, and new episodes are added all the time. Listen on Spotify

22 Accused

If you’re looking for a true crime podcast that’s a little more lighthearted, give Accused a try. The podcast is hosted by two comedians who re-enact crimes with the help of actors and sound effects. It’s been praised for its sense of humor and clever writing. Listen on Spotify

23 Morbid

This podcast has gained a large following since its 2014 debut for its blend of true crime, spooky history, and a healthy dose of humor. Autopsy technician Alaina and hairstylist Ash deliver thoughtfully researched episodes about everything from serial murders to haunted castles with just enough charm and banter to keep things more lighthearted than the name may imply. Listen on Spotify

24 The Teacher’s Pet

The mystery of Lynette Dawson’s vanishing is fascinating, and the Australian-based podcast’s main topic is the examination of what would have been a perfect marriage between a former football player and adored educator had the secrets that were tearing them apart never emerged. Listen on Spotify

25 Dr. Death

Dr. Death has a lot of questions and is highly engaging, thanks in large part to the engaging intricacy of the case and the concerns it raises about the American medical industry. It follows the terrible story of deranged Dallas neurosurgeon Christopher Duntsch, who murdered or maimed 33 people before being arrested. Listen on Spotify

33 Best True Crime Podcasts To Listen Tonight

26 Last Seen

Perfect Crime is a different type of true crime podcast, and season one of this entry from WBUR and The Boston Globe delves deeply into the 1990 theft of $500 million worth of art from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, while season two transforms into an anthology about people, items, and even locations that have inexplicably vanished. Listen on Spotify

27 American Scandal

From the ecocidal and corporate catastrophe of the Exxon Valdez oil spill to the atrocities of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, scandals have had a significant impact on American history. This podcast shines a light on them all, from athletics to politics to celebrities behaving badly, providing its themes an in-depth examination to explain how these awful events occurred. Listen on Spotify

28 Small Town Dicks

Small-town tales of murder and mayhem. This podcast, hosted by Yeardley Smith of The Simpsons, focuses on fascinating crime cases that you probably never heard about with interviews from the accused as well as the detectives who solve the crimes, audio recordings, and expert insight from identical twin cops Dan and Dave. Listen on Spotify

29 Stolen Lives

Check out this podcast, which aims to spread “the stories of those who are forgotten,” to learn about disappearances and murders that were not widely reported. It’s been operating since 2019, so the archive goes back a long way if you want to go deeper. Listen on Spotify

30 Man in the Window

The Golden State Killer has become a must-follow case for true crime fans, in part due to Michelle McNamara’s outstanding book I’ll Be Gone in the Dark and the subsequent arrest of Joseph James DeAngelo based on familial DNA evidence. This podcast, hosted by Paige St. John, investigates the original assaults in the 1970s and ’80s in addition to the more recent murders. Listen on Spotify

31 Women and Crime

One of the greatest true-crime podcasts isn’t without a female murderer. Women & Crime goes inside the minds of these killers, as well as how women fare in the criminal justice system. Amanda Knox and Wendy Wilson bring on experts in psychology, criminal law, and victimology to talk about cases like Amy Fisher and Aileen Wuornos’ in addition to systemic issues like the high rate of sexual assault in prison. Listen on Spotify

32 S-Town

The rural spin on the real crime genre that came with the NPR podcast Serial was followed by a more solitary style. The death that opens the podcast isn’t the one that closes it, however, as is typical in true crime podcasts. S-Town is one of NPR’s most divisive podcasts to date, taking the allure of small-town mystery and turning it into a contemplation of class, poverty, and power. Listen on Spotify

33 Dirty John

It’s the podcast that inspired the hit TV show about John Meehan’s sociopathic tendencies. While Connie Britton gave the Los Angeles Times‘ investigation the celebrity face it needed, the story got its legs as a breakthrough podcast. Dirty John is a frightening reminder that not all predators look the part. Listen on Spotify

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a lighthearted true-crime podcast or something that will keep you up at night, there’s definitely a show on this list for you. And, if you’re still not satisfied, don’t worry—there are plenty of other great true crime podcasts out there waiting to be discovered. Who knows, maybe your favorite podcast is next on the list.

Do you have a favorite true-crime podcast that didn’t make the list? Let us know!

Happy listening!

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