Standby in iOS 17: Transforming Your iPhone into an Always-On Live Monitor

Apple has introduced a unique feature in iOS 17 that might not grab immediate attention but holds significant potential: the Standby view. Unveiled at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), this feature essentially transforms your iPhone into an always-on live monitor, leveraging various apps and widgets.

The Standby view turns your iPhone into a dynamic, real-time monitor that can display a wide range of information. Whether you want to check the time, and weather, or even keep track of the latest baseball scores while at work, Standby has got you covered. All this information can be accessed simply by glancing at your iPhone while it’s charging.

Interestingly, Standby brings utility to your iPhone during periods when you wouldn’t typically be using it. To enable Standby, all users need to do is charge or dock their phone in landscape mode.

Standby in iOS 17: Transforming Your iPhone into an Always-On Live Monitor

Standby mode is highly customizable. Users can choose what they want to see displayed on their iPhone while it’s in Standby mode. Widgets offer an assortment of options, including basics like the date, time, calendar view, photo displays, and more. Siri can also be used in Standby mode, with the virtual assistant providing visual results for whatever the users’ query may be.

Standby mode takes advantage of iOS 16’s always-on display option and will be available this September along with the rest of iOS 17. This feature essentially turns your device into a whole new product that provides live monitoring for an array of different things, making your iPhone more versatile and useful than ever before.

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