21 Most Stylish Sustainable Clothing Brands And Where To Buy Them

Sustainable Shopping - 21 Most Stylish Sustainable Clothing Brands

Looking good and feeling good doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive. In fact, when it comes to sustainable clothing brands, looking sharp and being eco-friendly can go hand in hand. It’s time to make a change and start considering the environmental impact of the clothes we wear.

Sustainability is becoming more and more important as we witness the devastating effects of climate change firsthand. And while it’s important to advocate for large-scale systemic change, we can also make a difference in our day-to-day lives by being mindful of the choices we make — like what we wear.

Luckily there are many sustainable clothing brands out there that are making it easy for us to shop sustainably. From Fairtrade and organic cotton to recycled materials, these brands have got you covered — literally.

Check out our list of the latest and greatest sustainable clothing brands that will keep you looking sharp without harming the environment!

Best Sustainable Clothing Brands

What Makes An Sustainable Brands

To be considered a sustainable brand, a company should have eco-friendly and ethical practices at the forefront of its business model. This means they use sustainable materials, pay their employees fair wages, and have a minimal negative impact on the environment.

Here are 5 common practices sustainable brands use to achieve this:

  1. They use sustainable materials like organic cotton, recycled polyester, and linen.
  2. They use few animal products (wool, leather, fur, angora, down feather, etc.) and when they do, it’s from brands that have high ethical standards.
  3. They employ ethical manufacturing practices, such as using fair trade certified factories.
  4. They engage in eco-friendly business practices, such as using renewable energy or investing in carbon offsets.
  5. They treat workers fairly across the supply chain, ensuring that employees are paid a living wage and working in safe conditions.

When a brand meets these criteria, you can be confident that your purchase is having a positive impact on people and the planet.

Additionally, many sustainable brands are also transparent about their business practices, so you can feel good knowing exactly where your clothes came from and how they were made.

Our Picks for Sustainable Clothing Brands

Now that you know what to look for in a sustainable clothing brand, it’s time to start shopping! Here are some of our favorite sustainable brands that are leading the charge in creating eco-friendly fashion:

1 Patagonia

Patagonia, one of the industry’s first environmentalists, was also one of the first to incorporate recycled materials and convert them to organic cotton. Patagonia has continuously increased its dedication to labor ethics and works with US factories as often as possible, including in Texas and North Carolina.

We admire Patagonia for its worldwide impact and secondhand Worn Wear collection, as well as sustainable clothing for all people. We own many of their pieces and have never been disappointed — in fact, we often find ourselves reaching for our Patagonia gear first.

2 Harvest & Mill

Harvest & Mill garments are made in the United States, with organic cotton grown and milled here. The company produces basics for everyone, always making sure they aren’t dyed or bleached, minimizing water usage, energy use, and dye materials use. Even better, by growing different types of cotton, the brand is able to support biodiversity while also ensuring resilient ecosystems and preparing for climate change.

3 Boden

Boden has been thrilling audiences in the United Kingdom for nearly 30 years, and now it’s doing the same internationally. The company is dedicated to environmentally responsible sourcing, fair trade, and ethical behavior across all of the 15 countries in which it has factories, as well as environmentally conscious choices throughout the supply chain.

We’re particularly fond of women’s dresses for work, beachwear, and everything else while supporting this great sustainable clothing brand.

Sustainable Shopping – 21 Most Stylish Sustainable Clothing Brands


VEERAH is a vegan footwear and accessory company based in the United States that strives to provide innovative products with compassion. VEERAH is a woman-owned business for women. All of its shoes are ethically manufactured using only vegan, cutting-edge materials, such as apple leather recycled plastic textile, and more.

The company’s goal is to create designer vegan shoes that you want to wear because today’s warriors should never have on account of a more sustainable lifestyle.

5 Summersalt

Summersalt, a swimwear company that produces sustainable swimming apparel, athleisure, and loungewear, turned to women for fit information—10,000 of them to be precise. Summersalt has developed a versatile and pleasant collection of clothes made from color-blocking one-pieces to light and airy cardigans using over 1.5 million data points collected by the team.

Summersalt’s pieces are manufactured in WRAP-and sustainability-certified plants utilizing materials like recycled polyamide, regenerative cupro, and cruelty-free wool.

6 Yes And

Yes And strives to remove the perception that sustainable clothing must give up beauty, quality, fit, color, comfort, or price. You can really have it all and more with this US-based business since it is certified organic, low-impact dyed, and produced responsibly.

The company’s aesthetic is modern, sleek, and effortlessly cool — giving you no excuse not to shop sustainably.

Sustainable Shopping – 21 Most Stylish Sustainable Clothing Brands
Yes And


Raven+Lily is a company that helps women in developing countries create handcrafted jewelry, luggage, and other items. The organization partners with Ethiopian, Pakistani, Cambodian, and other women in developing nations to provide them with decent wages and benefits such as healthcare.

Each piece is truly unique and made with the utmost care — perfect for the fashion-savvy sustainable shopper. RAVEN+LILY also offers a great selection of plus-size clothing.


KENT is a US-based, Los Angeles, a brand that produces lasting organic undergarments for women, ensuring a good fit and feel while also ensuring the clothes decompose in a timely manner. It developed the first verifiable compostable underwear, made of eco-friendly organic cotton and intended to return to nature after being composted or planted, feeding the soil and producing new plants (or future pants).

KENT’s products are made of natural materials that are safe for both people and the planet. The company uses GOTS-certified organic cotton, which is grown without toxic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, and OEKO-TEX certified bamboo viscose, which is a sustainable alternative to conventional rayon. KENT also uses recycled polyester made from post-consumer plastic bottles — another way to reduce its environmental footprint.


Tentree creates Earth-first necessities for the whole family using sustainable and pleasant materials. And as part of its outreach, 10 trees are planted for each item purchased—that’s over 73 million already (with a goal of 1 billion by 2030)!

Tentree is a Canadian-born and internationally operated lifestyle and loungewear brand that produces comfy sweat sets, tees, cardigans, dresses, and jackets made of sustainable materials like Tencel and hemp. Tentree has something for everyone looking to make an impact one step at a time with minimal environmental footprint and maximum comfort.

10 Pact

Pact is a socially aware company that strives for eco-friendly, low-impact clothing that also makes the world a better place. This socially aware business goes to great lengths to ensure that its entire supply chain, from the growing and harvesting of organic cotton to the final stitching and all intermediates, is as responsible and clean as feasible.

And the non-GMO cotton is good for you, as well as the farmers who planted it. Pact is one of our go-to brands for basics and underwear and offers carbon offset shipping to make a more environmentally responsible purchase.


Outerknown is a sustainable clothing brand that was founded by world champion surfer, Kelly Slater. The brand’s goal is to create sustainable menswear that doesn’t sacrifice style or comfort.

Slater teamed up with designer John Moore to create a line of clothing that would be both stylish and sustainable. Outerknown sources its materials from certified organic cotton farms, recycled plastic bottles, and fishnets recovered from the ocean.

The brand also uses low-impact dyes and employs Fair Trade practices throughout its supply chain. You can feel good about wearing Outerknown’s clothes knowing that they didn’t come at the expense of people or the planet.


KOTN’s ultra-soft basics, made of Egyptian cotton, will add some opulence to your regular wardrobe. KOTN creates all of its clothes in a fair and safe environment and is even assisting suppliers in making the switch to 100% organic within the next five years.

In addition, the certified B Corp has helped impact over 100,000 people in Egypt by funding 2,000+ farms and building schools. With high-quality manufacturing like this, you can be sure that your cotton tees will last you 30 washes or more—and they’ll be both cozy and meaningful every time.

Sustainable Shopping – 21 Most Stylish Sustainable Clothing Brands

13 Reformation

Reformation is a Los Angeles-based company that creates cutting-edge clothes from sustainable and recycled materials in a fair working environment. In a just-wage culture, this brand creates items only from sustainable and recycled materials.

Reformation’s commitment to environmentally responsible production is explained in its distinctive strong style on its website. (Plus, each item comes with an environmental footprint description.) They’re one of our favorite companies for climate-friendly jeans, and we love the fact that this already climate-neutral business plans to be climate-positive by 2025!


ADAY has you covered if you want polished workwear that feels more like breathable loungewear. The brand’s concept design is completed with LENZINGTM Modal and regenerated REPREVE polyester textiles, which are both environmentally friendly fabrics.

We appreciate the fact that many of ADAY’s factories are solar-powered, utilize recycled materials, and recycle the water used in manufacturing. ADAY’s clothing is meant to be worn year-round and focuses on ease of wear (hello, wrinkle-free fabrics).


To end cyclical poverty, ABLE believes that you must provide economic possibilities for people, particularly women, to support themselves. Women who are fairly paid all over the world create stunning handbags and wardrobe classics like denim from scratch.

ABLE provides free virtual styling, a try-before-you-buy program, and free returns and exchanges for any size discrepancies within a year. Get the dress of your dreams… It’s impossible to make it easier!

16 Whimsy + Row

Whimsy + Row is a Los Angeles-based company that creates high-quality, long-lasting clothing for the modern, creative woman—raising our daily wardrobes with a sense of ease and elegance. From flirty dresses to practical classics like cropped wide-leg pants in your favorite seasonal colors, these pieces will be your most well-loved staples for years to come.

Whimsy + Row’s clothes are mostly made responsibly in Los Angeles from deadstock fabrics, so it’s making the most of would-be waste material possible.

They have limited run batches that are handcrafted with sustainable materials, so you know your piece is unique—and made with love.

Sustainable Shopping – 21 Most Stylish Sustainable Clothing Brands

17 Girlfriend Collective

The Girlfriend Collective is a United States-based women’s apparel company that uses recycled materials to create high-quality clothing. When you’re finished with the clothes, they have a take-back program so you can recycle them. This inclusive brand is making sustainable athletic wear more accessible with sizes ranging from 6X to XL. And nearly all of the pieces are constructed of recycled plastic bottles, which may be recycled through the firm’s take-back program.

We adore the brand’s considerate textiles and manufacturing, sleek designs, and varied imagery because we all deserve to be seen in the mainstream.

18 Fair Indigo

Fair Indigo’s sustainable clothing is made of 100% certified organic cotton, which means the fabric is free of harmful chemicals and pesticides. The brand also uses recycled materials like polyester made from recycled water bottles to create sustainable clothing items.

The collection is made with organic Peruvian Pima cotton sourced from a family farm and harvested by hand. It’s one of our favorite stores for affordable organic basics and artisan-made accessories because it emphasizes quality apparel, sustainable and ethical practices, and free delivery options. You want your clothing to last not just because they are environmentally responsible—but also because you enjoy them and they make you feel great.

Sustainable Shopping – 21 Most Stylish Sustainable Clothing Brands
Fair Indigo

19 Tradlands

Tradlands was formed on a basic concept: to offer high-quality, long-lasting basics for women based on menswear classics. Tradlands makes necessities that are well-fitting, detailed, and of excellent quality. Its stringent criteria ensure that each item you acquire is of the highest possible quality and has been produced in a sustainable manner.

Tradlands also creates using ethical practices, deadstock excess textiles, and local artisans to minimize waste. From the burly cardigans to the linen tees, Tradlands’ items are an essential component of every capsule collection.


EILEEN FISHER is a pioneer in an ethical and environmentally responsible fashion. The firm feels social and environmental injustices are sufficient causes to do business differently, and it meticulously monitors its entire supply chain to guarantee equal working conditions.

The company is also committed to being a leader in circular systems, recycling old clothing items whenever feasible. Otherwise, it uses sustainable cotton, recycled nylon, silk, and linen to create beautiful organic cotton apparel without harmful chemicals.

21 Two Days Off

Two Days Off is a lifestyle brand devoted to creating a sense of ease in every aspect of life. The dreamy collection of natural fibers and deadstock fabrics may be recycled or biodegraded after usage, making these linens, cotton, and hemp basics wonderfully sustainable.

Most basics are made-to-order in small quantities, so they’re responsibly manufactured without wasteful packaging. All purchases arrive plastic-free and the business is carbon-neutral; it’s as eco-friendly as it gets! It’s time to update our capsule wardrobe.

How To Select Sustainable Clothing Brands?

When it comes to sustainable fashion, the options are endless. However, with so many options available, it can be difficult to decide which brand is the best fit for you. Here are a few things to consider when selecting sustainable clothing brands:

  • Price: Is the price point of the clothing reasonable?
  • Quality: Will the clothing last long or will it fall apart after a few washes?
  • Ethics: How were the workers treated during production? Were they paid a fair wage?
  • Environmental Impact: What is the carbon footprint of the company? How much water was used in production?
  • Animal Welfare: If the clothing is made of leather or wool, was the animal treated humanely?

If you’re searching for a unique, one-of-a-kind accessory to match your new environmentally friendly wardrobe, take a look at our collection of online stores where you can purchase them.

Do you have a favorite sustainable clothing line that we didn’t include? Email us at hello@browsepop.com or leave a note in the comments section below.

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